“Don’t Worry Baby” Tour Video

Our cover of “Don’t Worry Baby” is out now and to celebrate, Tyler put together this video with footage from a wild year of recording, touring and all the time in between.⁠⠀

“Just What I Needed” and “Don’t Worry Baby” out now

“Just What I Needed” and “Don’t Worry Baby” are out… NOW. Listen here.

We’ve put a fresh spin on two of our favourite classics by The Cars and The Beach Boys. “Just What I Needed” in particular is a really special one for us – it’s actually the first tune we started messing around with for our upcoming album of reimagined covers. The Cars’ original is a perfect pop song and one we love so much that we thought it would be fun to see it in a new light. Our version draws out the love song undertones into a more dreamy, introspective take on the new wave classic.

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Our next two singles (!!) are out next Tuesday, June 25. Pre-save them both HERE.

We’ve put a different spin on two classics: The Cars’ “Just What I Needed” and The Beach Boys’ “Don’t Worry Baby”. Pre-save them on Spotify and Apple Music to be the first to put ’em in your ears.

Photo by Arden Wray | Styling by Amanda Lee Shirreffs

Livin’ Thing (ELO Cover) Acoustic Video

Taking a dive into studio days practicing our take on ELO’s “Livin’ Thing”. ⠀

Weirdly, Electric Light Orchestra seems to be one of the most under-appreciated bands. They made so many masterpieces, blending pop and classical music in really innovative and theatrical ways, and at the core of these intricately lush arrangements are really great songs. So, we decided to take their song “Livin’ Thing” and strip it down to its bare bones to see how we could reframe it. ⠀

We ended up giving the song a sort of Carole King, 70s FM vibe with big pop/country harmonies in the choruses to keep it super warm and organic. We think this version really came together thanks to Lydia Persaud’s stunning vocal performance.

Listen to our take on “Livin’ Thing” HERE.

Video shot & edited by Will Selviz + Somewherelse

Summer Show Dates

You better hav a nap and get ready because it’s almost festival season and we’ve got some great summer show dates lined up:

June 14: Dundas, ON @ Dundas Valley Montessori School: TICKETS
June 20:  Toronto, ON @ River Gambler Boat Cruise: TICKETS
June 21: Toronto, ON @ River Gambler Boat Cruise – SOLD OUT
June 29: Oro-Medonte, ON @ Canada Rocks with The Rolling Stones, Burl’s Creek: TICKETS
July 4: Calgary, AB @ Calgary Stampede, Big Four Roadhouse: TICKETS
July 13: Guelph, ON @ Hillside Festival: TICKETS
July 27: Toronto, ON @ Toronto’s Festival of Beer, CNE Bandshell: TICKETS
August 14: Peterborough, ON @ Peterborough Musicfest: TICKETS
August 17: Paris, ON @ Paris Drinks Fest: TICKETS
September 12: Ottawa, ON @ CityFolk Festival: TICKETS


The Dwayne Gretzky Boat Cruise is back!

All aboard the River Gambler! The annual Dwayne boat cruise is back June 20 & 21 across the high seas of Lake Ontario. Tickets are on sale now, so batten down the hatches before they float away.

Thursday, June 20: BUY TICKETS
Friday, June 21: BUY TICKETS (SOLD OUT)

New Singles “S.O.S.” and “Livin’ Thing” Available Now!

“S.O.S.” and “Livin’ Thing” are out now!
Listen: https://dwaynegretzky.lnk.to/sos-livinthing

We’re thrilled to share the first two tracks off our debut record (!!!), out August 23. The album is about taking songs we love and recontextualizing them in a new way, just for the sheer fun of it. We’re all big fans of ABBA, and S.O.S. is a particular favourite, so it was an interesting experiment to dress it up in different clothes and see it through a new lens.

Listen to our covers of ABBA’s “S.O.S.” and Electric Light Orchestra’s “Livin’ Thing” now – we can’t wait for you to hear them.

New Single “S.O.S.” Coming Friday!

Pre-save our new single now on Spotify and Apple Music: HERE

Over the last year, we’ve been busy in the studio recording a series of reimagined versions of some of our favourite songs ever written. On Friday we’ll be releasing two: ABBA’s “S.O.S.” and ELO’s “Livin’ Thing”, paired together as an homage to the lost art of a 45rpm record with its A-side single and (often underrated) B-side.

We can’t wait for you to hear them.