‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ (Oasis) Live at Big Shiny Dwayne

Looking back at last year’s Big Shiny Dwayne, not in anger, but in awe of how much damn fun we had. The 90s tour is coming up this May and we’re pumped to bring the show on the road to a city (hopefully) near you.

Tickets are going fast and some dates are already sold out. So if you don’t have yours yet, maybe Sally can wait but you really shouldn’t. Head to our ‘SHOWS‘ page for dates and tickets.

Video shot by Kyle McCreight, Marcel Canzona & Liam Higgins
Video edited by Dan Tahmizian
Audio recorded/mixed by Matt Lederman

Announcing the Big Shiny Dwayne Tour!

Power up the Game Boy, frost those tips and break out the butterfly clips because things are about to get hotter than Kate & Leo in the backseat of that car. Big Shiny Dwayne returns and this time we’re bringing the 90s show on the road!

Get your tickets as they’ll be gone faster than you can refresh your Geocities-hosted Spice Girls fan site on a dial-up modem. Sign up for the Dwayner fan club HERE to get the presale code tomorrow. Tickets go on sale Thursday.

Head to the SHOWS page for dates + ticket links.

Big Shiny Dwayne Tour 2018


February Tour Starts Next Week!

America (and London!), we are coming for you in ONE WEEK. Do you have buds in Chicago, Detroit, Brooklyn, Pittsburgh, Lancaster, Buffalo, or London, ON? Well, hit ’em up on our behalf because we want to meet all of the extended Dwayner family on our tour.

Head to the ‘SHOWS‘ tab for tickets!

February Tour

‘In My Room’ (The Beach Boys) Acoustic

Last month we had an opportunity to take a trip up north (WAY north) to the land of 24 hours of darkness. We had a little time to reflect, and a lot of time to tackle the harmonies on this classic.