Dwayne! New Year! 2020!

2019 has been a great one for the Dwayne fam, but we’ve got 2020 vision. And we’re kicking it off the best way we know how – with all of you, in the finest Music Hall the Danforth has to offer. When so many New Years parties are a bust, why not commit to one you know is going to deliver?

Tickets on sale NOW.

Debut Album Available Now

We made an album! Here it is: LISTEN NOW

We had a blast making it and we hope you play it on repeat for the next 99 days straight. It’s a collection of reimagined covers. We played Code Names at least 30 times while making this record. Dave did most of the cooking. Now the album is complete and ready for your ears! Pre-order your CD or LP copy HERE.

Side A:
Make It Wit Chu
Just What I Needed
Don’t Worry Baby
Please Please Me

Side B:
A Little Respect
Livin’ Thing
I’m Not In Love
Hold Me Now
Crazy Love

“Make It Wit Chu” Available Now

“Make It Wit Chu” just landed on the internet! Listen HERE.

We reimagined this mid-oughts Queens of the Stone Age song as a pulsing, electronic pop dance track – as if Kylie Minogue wandered into Daft Punk’s studio. We wanted to keep it dark and sparse, while maintaining the analog elements and energy of a live band. By having a woman sing lead (our very talented Jill Harris), we turned the song on its head to make the lyrical perspective more about female empowerment.

“Make It Wit Chu” is available now, along with B-side “Please Please Me” (The Beatles). Our debut album is out August 23.

Photo by Arden Wray

Album Release Tour

We’re hitting the road this fall to celebrate the release of our debut record. Peep the date nearest you, and then gather your gang because tickets are on sale now. Tickets links on our SHOWS page.

Our self-titled debut album is out August 23 and features totally reinterpreted covers of songs from The Cars, ABBA and more. Come here it live, along with our fave classics.

Pre-Save Our New Single “Make It Wit Chu”

Contest Alert! Our latest single is out next Friday – a fresh, electronic pop take on Queens of the Stone Age’s “Make It Wit Chu” with B-side “Please Please Me” (The Beatles).

Save the songs to your Spotify or Apple Music library HERE to be the first to hear when they’re out, and also be entered for a chance to win our debut album on vinyl.

The album drops August 23 and features uniquely reimagined covers of classics from ABBA, The Beach Boys and more.

Cover art by Studio io

“Just What I Needed” and “Don’t Worry Baby” out now

“Just What I Needed” and “Don’t Worry Baby” are out… NOW. Listen here.

We’ve put a fresh spin on two of our favourite classics by The Cars and The Beach Boys. “Just What I Needed” in particular is a really special one for us – it’s actually the first tune we started messing around with for our upcoming album of reimagined covers. The Cars’ original is a perfect pop song and one we love so much that we thought it would be fun to see it in a new light. Our version draws out the love song undertones into a more dreamy, introspective take on the new wave classic.