Taking a dive into studio days practicing our take on ELO’s “Livin’ Thing”. ⠀

Weirdly, Electric Light Orchestra seems to be one of the most under-appreciated bands. They made so many masterpieces, blending pop and classical music in really innovative and theatrical ways, and at the core of these intricately lush arrangements are really great songs. So, we decided to take their song “Livin’ Thing” and strip it down to its bare bones to see how we could reframe it. ⠀

We ended up giving the song a sort of Carole King, 70s FM vibe with big pop/country harmonies in the choruses to keep it super warm and organic. We think this version really came together thanks to Lydia Persaud’s stunning vocal performance.

Listen to our take on “Livin’ Thing” HERE.

Video shot & edited by Will Selviz + Somewherelse