Your Guide to Dwayne Gretzky New Year’s Eve 2021

Tonight Will Be a Night to Remember, Literally and Virtually

At long last we can all say goodbye to 2020. We’re eager to tip our hat to what’s been a weird one, and we acknowledge that it has been (and continues to be) a struggle for many.

For the moment at least, Dwayne Gretzky is feeling grateful. Not only are we thankful to be able to play music together again after such a long time, but we’ve been excited to get creative and think about our band and the experience we help create in a whole new context.

That’s why we’re elated about tonight. It’s going to be a Dwayne Gretzky show like none other. The idea of pushing ourselves has always motivated us. Whether it’s to learn new songs, or in this case, a whole new medium. A live Dwayne broadcast!

Aside from it being virtual with viewers from across the country and beyond, it’ll also be the longest show we’ve ever played – and we’ve done some doozies. It’ll be roughly 55 songs from start to finish, from midnight in Newfoundland all the way until midnight in BC.

So all that to say, we hope you don’t miss it.

Below is a guide to some extra info and details so you can get the most out of it.



Tune in starting at 10:15pm EST Tonight above!

Some Tips for the Best At-Home Dwayne Gretzky Show

Follow these steps and it will be just like the real thing.
Since this year is a little different, we put together a short list of suggestions  to get the most out of your at-home Dwayne Gretzky audio-visual experience. We’re excited to let you into our space, and perform for you in yours.

If you have the means, we recommend the following for optimal experience:

  • Put us on the Big Screen: It’s on YouTube so it’s accessible on a big any smart TV fairly easily. Or use an HDMI cable, Chromecast, Apple TV, or the like.
  • Put us on the Speakers: Connect the audio to your best home audio system or other quality speakers for optimal listening experience. We’ve made sure it’s worth the effort.
  • Turn it up: If your neighbours complain, just send them the link to the show :)

Vote for the Last Song of Each Set

Voting will be live and run throughout the night.
Have your say! Hear what you want to hear. We’ll be running a poll linkable here where our viewers can vote on the last song of each set throughout the night – 5 in total!
So cast your vote live as we count down to midnight in every Canadian time zone.

Tip Dwayne Gretzky and Support Canadian Musicians

50% of all proceeds support Unison Benevolent Fund

We’re passing around the tip jar virtually in support of Canadian musicians. If you enjoy the show and you have the means to do so, we encourage you to visit the donation link.

50% of all proceeds will be going to support the Unison Benevolent Fund; a non-profit, registered charity that provides counselling and emergency relief services to the Canadian music community.

COVID Health & Safety Statement

We’re in a challenging time locally, and beyond. Our preparation for an event such as this one is reflective and respectful of this.

For those interested, we wanted to share our COVID Health and Safety protocol as it pertains to tonight’s shoot and the preparations leading up. We have held ourselves to a high standard to ensure we are moving forward in a manner that is both respectful of the government’s requirements and recommendations, as safe as possible for all those involved, and respectful of our communities at large.

If you wish to read our COVID Health and Safety Protocol, it is available to download at this link.

Announcing a Live Album! Dwayne Gretzky: A Night at the Opera House

Last year we brought our biggest fans together for a secret show at the Opera House in Toronto, and we recorded and filmed the whole thing. We loved the live versions so much we decided to put them together and release them as an album. Now you can put the live Dwayne experience into your ears wherever you are.

A Night at the Opera House hits the internet this Friday. Pre-save HERE.

“Purple Rain” & NYE Low Ticket Alert

Come help Dwayne make it rain in 2020. In honour of this *NYE low ticket alert* we wanted to share a video we recorded of us doing “Purple Rain” last February at the Opera House.

Floor tickets are sold out and there are fewer than 200 left on the balcony, so get yours before they’re gone HERE.

“Don’t Worry Baby” Tour Video

Our cover of “Don’t Worry Baby” is out now and to celebrate, Tyler put together this video with footage from a wild year of recording, touring and all the time in between.⁠⠀

Livin’ Thing (ELO Cover) Acoustic Video

Taking a dive into studio days practicing our take on ELO’s “Livin’ Thing”. ⠀

Weirdly, Electric Light Orchestra seems to be one of the most under-appreciated bands. They made so many masterpieces, blending pop and classical music in really innovative and theatrical ways, and at the core of these intricately lush arrangements are really great songs. So, we decided to take their song “Livin’ Thing” and strip it down to its bare bones to see how we could reframe it. ⠀

We ended up giving the song a sort of Carole King, 70s FM vibe with big pop/country harmonies in the choruses to keep it super warm and organic. We think this version really came together thanks to Lydia Persaud’s stunning vocal performance.

Listen to our take on “Livin’ Thing” HERE.

Video shot & edited by Will Selviz + Somewherelse

“Time To Move On” (Tom Petty Cover)

We’re so excited to share our version of “Time To Move On” as part of the “Canada Covers Tom Petty” playlist.  Tom Petty has always been one of our favourite songwriters and an inspiration for the band because of his ability to make something so rich and meaningful seem so simple.

“Time to Move On” is one of our favourite songs from the album ‘Wildflowers’.  It just breezes along so effortlessly and reminds us of driving around rural Ontario in the fall.

Thank you Jadea Kelly for the opportunity to be a part of the playlist!  You can listen now on Spotify and YouTube.

Camp Dwayne Weekend Wrap Up

It might not bring back the campfire smell on your flannel or the lake in your hair, but we just got in the Camp Dwayne wrap video and it’s bringing back all the feels from a perfect weekend at Camp Timberlane.

Thanks to our good bud Dan Tahmizian for capturing the magic, to Yacht Rock historian Dan Griffin for donating his tune “Summertime”, and to all of you who made our first ever Camp Dwayne so special.

Camp Dwayne – Tier 1 Pricing Ends Soon

The countdown to Camp Dwayne is on! We spent some time up at Camp Timberlane a few weeks back and put together this video for a little sneak peek at how we’ll take you higher and higher on Labour Day weekend.

Tier 1 pricing ends August 6, so wrangle the gang and reserve your cabin now. More info:

Video by Dan Tahmizian
Song: “Your Love Keeps Lifting Me (Higher and Higher)” – Jackie Wilson (DG Cover)